My name is Courtney Lockhart. And the first thing that anyone needs to know about me is that I am awesome! But in an feeble attempt at humility, I won’t overwhelm you with a list of all my awesome qualities and achievements. Instead I will give you an honest tidbit about me.

I like simplicity in my life. I believe in finding the small moments of peace. Like in the humid breeze that comes right before a storm. Or in the boisterous laugh of my child. But often life gets more complicated than I prefer. Oh the best laid plans of mice. (Brownie points if you get the reference!)  And so I try to focus on simplicity in my work.  I have found fulfillment in the unassuming techniques of hand-building. I revel in the idea that a simple slab of clay can convey my thoughts and feelings on what it means to be human and my journey through this mortal life.

I am inspired by botanical organic motifs, specifically lichens and fungi. I am inspired that lichens are able to survive in the harshest of climates. And fungi are the gateway to new life. Each is symbolic of the harsh climates of our own lives, overcoming our trials and tribulations with beauty and grace. Through my simplistic abstract undulating forms I attempt to represent this symbolism. Specifically focusing on the fluidity of life through the undulating body and exploring the movement of growth through the ruffled edges. And in each piece I endeavor to achieve equilibrium of delicate strength, a balance of harsh reality and graceful renewal.

Thank you for showing interest in me and my work.

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