Scars dont define our worth, they define our strength.

Most of my work is abstracted lichen and fungi forms. They represent our journey through life. All the ups and downs that we encounter as we grow into our best selves.
But sometimes the things we go through in life cause us to crack. If we don’t let those small breaks define us we will grow all the more spectacular. This piece developed a superficial crack in the bisque firing. But instead of letting that crack define the piece as worthless, I decided to patch it up and glaze it. Allowing the firing process to heal or utterly destroy. And this fantastic lichen not only survived but it is amazing!

I adore its little blemish! It really is very much like the best people I know. So bright and full of life and wear their scars proudly and bravely! Not to be defined by their scars but to be accepted and loved wholly, scars and victories alike.
I hope you love this piece as much as I do.

Orange with Cream 18inx12inx7in

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